Learn The Techniques

To Thrive In Permanent Makeup

Training in the right environment and with the right trainer is essential to getting your first steps in the world of permanent makeup right. That’s why at Chasse Permanent Makeup we ensure that all of our students leave us with the skills needed to take on any challenge. 

Why Train With Us?

Why Train With Us?

What Microblading Supplies Do We Receive?

Heal It! Brow Balm
Permanent Makeup Ink
Brow Mapping String
Brow Plastic
Fake Skin For Brow Practice
Assortment Microblade Hand Tools
Artist Series Microblades
Water Wipes Package
Skin Caliper
Wash Bottle
Pump Bottle
Disposable Aprons
Dental Bibs
Brow Mapping Rulers
Super Numb Cream
Feel Better Now Numbing Gel
Pigment Caps
Pigment Rings
Twinkle Razors
Shading Tools
Brow Pencil & Sharpener
Micro Brushes
Business Forms
Client Forms
Medical Forms
You will need to buy lots of these items in Bulk to set up your studio. All will be discussed in class.

​From time to time some items may not be available and substitutions will be included
Eyeliner & Lip Kits are similar products specific for that procedure. Lip Class Includes a tattoo machine.