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Lip Tattoo by Tanya Chasse $595

A lip tattoo (also known as lip blush or permanent lipstick) can make lips appear more symmetrically shaped, which gives the appearance of younger, fuller, more youthful lips. This technique also helps to bring back any lost definition, shape and color. With a lip tattoo, you can achieve fuller lips without the need for dermal filler.

A lip tattoo is a two-step process required for desired results. You will have your initial appointment, where we will carry out your permanent lip treatment; then, you will need to schedule your touch-up appointment within three months to get the ultimate results.

With a lip tattoo, you can also achieve a kissable pout that will never wear off. Be as glamorous as you like or add subtle definition to your lips using the same natural hue as your existing lip color. After your treatment, all you will need is a bit of gloss for shine.

Lips appear very vibrant for a few days after the initial procedure, but you can experience slight dryness following your treatment. This dryness is associated with the natural healing process and requires the regular application of a moisturizer.

Tanya will always provide you with full aftercare advice following your lip tattoo treatment. It is important you follow the advice to ensure you achieve full longevity of your results.

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Lip Tattoo Aftercare

Chasse Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions For Lip Tattoo

Lips may ooze a couple of days so make sure to blot and reapply your aftercare ointment.
Apply ice for swelling.
Do not use anything made for cold sores or blisters (Carmex, Blistex) they will dry the lips out and may pull out color.
After sleeping, crust will have dried on the lips. Rinse with water, blot with clean cloth, reapply your ointment.

Drink through a straw, do not touch food on lips.
During exfoliation picking and pulling off skin that is not ready to come off will cause pigment loss.
Massage lips with ointment.
During the peeling process it may look like not much color is there….color will return. Be patient, a true healing of color is in 30 days. Trust us, we have been doing this a long time.
If you do suspect a lip infection, please consult your doctor.