Eyebrow Tattoo

Get Beautiful Brows

Powder Brow $595 | Combo Brow $595 (includes hair strokes at head of brows)

Getting the right brows for you is an important choice and one that we take seriously here at Chasse Permanent Makeup. We offer a range of eyebrow tattoo techniques, including powder and combo brows. With Tanya’s expert skills ad attention to detail, you can guarantee you will leave with some of the best brows in Rockport, Maine.

Powder brows are an eyebrow tattoo technique ideal for those who wear makeup regularly and are used to seeing their eyebrows filled in. Unlike microblading, powder brows are carried out with a tattoo machine to create a pixelated powdery effect.
However, combo brows are a mixture of both powder and microblading. A microblade is used to recreate your hair strokes at the head of the brow, while the machine is used to create the fuller, more defined effect towards the eyebrow’s tail.

Combo and powder brows are eyebrow tattoo techniques more suitable for oily skin types.
After your eyebrow tattoo, your eyebrows will initially appear darker and thicker, yet will appear significantly softer and 40% lighter once healed. Your brow appointment is a two-step process to ensure you get your desired results.

Contact Tanya via a method that suits you, or visit the Studio today for more information.

Brow Treatment Aftercare

Chasse Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions For Eyebrow Tattoo

Full aftercare advice will be provided to you following your eyebrow tattoo treatment, however, here are just a few things to think about:

  • Do not swim in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water for 2 weeks.
  • Do not apply topical cosmetics over area while healing. Absolutely no makeup on tattoo area for 10 days.
  • Many anti-aging products and services containing acids, lighteners, and exfoliates cause premature fading of pigment. Avoid pigmented area. Stay about 1/4 inch away from permanent makeup. NO MAKEUP on Brows while healing!!
  • Avoid vigorous activity. Heavy sweating & salty perspiration may remove pigment. Substitute Yoga on YouTube.
  • Be prepared for the “Dark Phase” during healing, do not panic, color will lighten. Exfoliation may occur.
  • During healing process, it may also look like there is not much color there, don’t panic! Color will return.
  • Do not dye, wax, tweeze, or use electrolysis for 2 weeks in the tattoo area. You can tweeze outside/around the permanent makeup. Follow instructions above. Perma Blend may appear reddish during healing. Eyebrows heal about 30% lighter and will also shrink in size. Be patient, a true healing of color is in 30 days. Microblading requires a second appointment.
  • Lubriderm unscented lotion is a good product when After Care Ointment is gone…..
  • A tanning bed will turn your gorgeous brows a dull gray color. Avoid tanning beds to keep beautiful color in your brows.