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Permanent makeup has been taking the world by storm since before the 90’s. The techniques and treatments offered with permanent makeup have been constantly evolving, leaving behind the harsh black lines that we once tried to pass off as eyebrows. 

With today’s delicate technique we are able to create a more realistic, natural appearance. So rather than completely changing how you may look, we are simply enhancing your natural features. 

Permanent makeup is perfect for those who want to save time on their daily routine or even wanting those extra 15 minutes in bed. 

Here at Chasse PMU we are proud to say we offer the highest quality of permanent makeup right here in Rockport. Ranging from microblading and other eyebrow tattoo techniques, to lip tattoo and eyeliner tattoo. The best thing is it is suitable for both men and women and can be adapted to suit you. It is a safe, non-invasive process and at your consultation we talk you through every step of your journey.

If permanent makeup is something you are interested in and you want to find out more, then do not hesitate to contact Tanya via a method that suits you. 

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